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Navigating the path from novel discovery to new market reality

What We Do

At Probatech Consulting, we take the scientific and clinical attributes of new biomedical technologies – be they drugs, vaccines or novel therapeutics – and we analyse them within the context of current market realities. Our aim is to allow developers of therapeutics and vaccines to feel confident that they are making the optimal strategic decisions as they advance new products towards the market.


We are passionate about helping new inventions – regardless of the source – take the right path toward making a real impact for patients. We work with anyone from university tech transfer offices, to small biotechs to multinational pharmaceutical companies. 


We collaborate with our partners to identify the best opportunities to tackle unmet needs and then indicate the correct development strategies to realise those opportunities. For BD professionals, investors and others who are searching for such technologies, we use our expertise to find, benchmark and rank opportunities for partnership, investment and acquisition.


We have experience working globally, and can help you to choose the right path whether you are targetting developed or developing markets.


We benchmark your product’s current or target profile against competitors and alternatives in your target markets. We also explore other possible use cases for your technology platform.


We survey your target markets to provide you with an up-to-date image of all competitors and alternatives.


Analysing the attributes of a drug or vaccine in relation to current paradigms allows us to assess opportunities to invest, launch into new markets, form partnerships or make acquisitions.

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